Avenbury Lakes is an "active adult community" - where 80 percent of the households must have at least one family member who is 55 years of age or older. The remaining 20 percent of the household can be occupied by residents between the ages of 18 to 54. Children and grandchildren under 18 years old are welcome to visit and stay with Avenbury homeowners, as long as they are not permanent residents

This active adult community of 352 individual homes of three basic styles is located on 145 acres of land, which includes three lakes for catch-and-release fishing, 23 acres of wetlands, and walking trails.  We enjoy a picnic area, an inviting gazebo, a tennis court, a lodge with indoor and outdoor pools and a dock with two paddle boats. The lodge has facilities for physical exercise, meetings, games, small and large group meetings, and individual activities plus television sets, card tables and a pool table plus a library.  We have an active community for sports, parties, regular clubs and indoor activities all guided and supervised by an experienced activities coordinator.  A monthly newsletter goes out to all residents to keep everyone informed.

We are a homeowners association managed and directed by official documents registered in the county recorder’s office, according to state laws, which are upheld by judicial rulings, and agreed to by individual owners as a part of each property deed.  The operation of the association is guided by a set of rules and regulations authorized by the Board of Directors and administered by a Management Company.  All residents are encouraged to obtain a copy of these documents and to become familiar with the details in order to enhance their transition from life in a typical residential community to the Avenbury Lakes life style.

Financing of the association comes from monthly maintenance fees established in advance by the Board of Directors.  As mandated by state law, the association builds a Reserve Fund to keep major facilities operational and in top aesthetic condition without requiring major unexpected assessments for such needs. Contributions to that fund are based on a comprehensive study of the longer-term needs of the association so that when specific needs arise the funds are actually available.

The Board of Directors sets the rules and regulations for the Association.  The Management Company, which is hired by the Board of Directors, runs the day-to-day operations of the complex.  The staff of the Management Company does the actual work of developing and managing subcontractors to take care of all aspects of keeping the complex operational.  

Like most communities the success of life in Avenbury Lakes is up to the involvement and participation of each individual.  There are numerous activities to keep mature adults active and interested.  However the key ingredient to Avenbury Lakes past, present and future has been and will continue to be the volunteerism throughout our community.