BOARD MINUTES FOR ---  Reg 11/15/2018

GUTTER CLEANING - Gutter cleaning will begin today, 12/13/2018, for those on the gutter cleaning list. Work will begin on Buckingham.

PEDESTRIAN SAFETY - The City has now approved the allocation of $15,000 for the installation of two pedestrian activated blinking light systems for the Middleton/Southampton crosswalk. It is anticipated that this system will be installed at year end or early next year. The installation of this light system was promised to Avenbury Lakes by the Mayor through the Economic Planning Director at our annual Association Meeting last April. The Mayor wants to make clear that pedestrians should never take for granted that vehicles will yield a right of way to crossing pedestrians even with the activated blinking lights.

MESSAGE FROM OUR PROPERTY MANAGER - Brightview will be cutting and removing vegetation from the North pond bank starting tomorrow, 12/12/2018. This is part of the plan outlined by Doug Baldi, Landscape Architect, to better control the pond bank area.

RESIDENT INFORMATION REGARDING SOLICITATION - Regarding door to door solicitation in Avenbury Lakes: If you do not want solicitation at your home, please register your home address at the Avon City Hall. They will issue you a small strip sticker for your front door indicating NO SOLICITATION. If you are still approached by a solicitor, indicate your sticker to them and let them know that further action may prompt a call to the Police. Several residents have reported a solicitor asking them about utility rates and suppliers. If you have questions about this subject, please refer to the Public Utilities Commission of Ohio, Apples to Apples comparison chart available at their website: The chart lists electric and gas suppliers and their rates. Your current rate can be found on your latest electric and gas bill. If you need assistance, the PUCO has customer service representatives that can answer any question you may have.

BRIGHTVIEW UPDATE:  LEAF CLEAN-UP FOR WEEK OF 12-3-2018 (WEATHER PERMITTING): BrightView will be on site starting Tuesday, December 4th (weather permitting) to continue with leaf clean-up throughout the community.


SOCIAL COMMITTEE -   2018  Avenbury Lakes Activities Calendars

AVENBURY TRAVEL CLUB - The Avenbury Lakes Travel Club meetings are held as needed (we do not meet monthly).  The meetings and topics are announced in the Breeze.

WII BOWLING STATS - As of 11/27/18

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BUTTERFLIES - Thanks to Pat Loucka we have compiled a list of Butterflies sighted here at Avenbury.  To see the list CLICK HERE.  if you see something pass it on to Pat or myself at kdpeters@roadrunner,com

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