Avenbury Lakes Homeowners Association 
Committee Structure

The Board of Directors depends heavily on resident volunteer committees to effectively and efficiently carry out the work of this Homeowners Association.  The Board appoints two types of committees.  One includes Standing Committees appointed anew each year with ongoing assigned areas of responsibility.  The other includes Ad Hoc Committees, each appointed with a specific scope of responsibility for a limited duration. Each committee works to propose recommendations to the Board, which accepts or rejects recommendations for implementation and follow up.

Committee members do research in their assigned areas, search out and formulate pertinent facts, identify and analyze the pros and cons of alternative options, and propose recommendations to the Board.  In specific situations, committee members are asked to implement and follow up on accepted recommendations by the Board.
STANDING COMMITTEE VOLUNTEERS NEEDED - All five committees (Architecture, Buildings & Grounds, Community Fund, Landscape & Social) are looking for help. Volunteering is fun, rewarding and informative.  If interested in volunteering for one of the Standing Committees please click here for more information and to down load a VOLUNTEER FORM  to be submitted to the Information Office.