​The Avenbury Lakes Travel Club meetings are held as needed (we do not meet monthly).  The meetings and topics are announced in the Breeze.  The Club was created to research, plan and organize overnight group travel excursions, both domestic and foreign, for Avenbury residents. The Club brings together kindred spirits with a love for travel and adventure. So why not plan to pack your bags and join the Club.

We welcome your feedback; simply add your comments, suggestions and or ask your question by using the space that follows.  Please provide your name so that we may contact you for any additional information or clarification:

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Thank you for your interest in the Avenbury Travel Club, your feedback will help the club arrange trips that will appeal to Avenbury Residents. 




Mission Statement for ALHOA Travel Club

The Avenbury Lakes Travel Club will research, plan and facilitate overnight domestic and foreign travel opportunities. Participation in Club activities will be open to all ALHOA residents. 

The club will have a five to seven person steering team to conduct meetings and receive suggestions and recommendations from club members. The steering team will also work with professional travel agencies capable of organizing and conducting overnight trips. All trips will be submitted in advance to the ALHOA Board for review and approval.

All final trip arrangements including escort services, as needed, will be the responsibility of the selected travel agent. Before signing-up for a trip, each participant will need to review the itinerary and decide if they are able to meet the physical requirements.

Depending on the trip and the travel agent, participants will either pay the travel agent directly or will make payment to ALHOA which will then make payment to the agent.  

The club will schedule its meetings through the Activities Coordinator. Meetings may occasionally include a guest speaker. Information regarding club activities will be included in the Breeze newsletter. 

Non-resident participation will be allowed provided that residents have priority opportunity to sign-up (as expressed in the ALHOA Group Tour Guidelines).