Avenbury Lakes Block Party Policy Guidelines 

Attendance:  All residents on the named street must be invited but attendance and any financial support is voluntary.

Location:  Block parties may be held on the named street in an area which doesn't block access of traffic.  Usually this is on the side of the street which allows parking.  Street block parties may begin as early as 10 AM and continue as late as dusk.  Street block parties must have Board approval.

The Lodge may be reserved through the Activities Director for up to two rent-free block parties a year.  The normal Lodge rental charge, as well as the other fees, is paid for any block party beyond two per year.  Booking the lodge is to be at least 60 days in advance of the block party.  A second party may not be booked until after the first has been held.  Other than rent, all stipulations in the Avenbury Lakes Lodge Reservation Agreement apply.

Equipment and Supplies:   The Lodge equipment is available only when the block party is at the Lodge.  The Association cannot furnish equipment or supplies for a block party held outside.

Safety and Security:  A block party is not considered an Avenbury sponsored event so liability for accident or injury rest with the attendees.                                                         

Rev. 7/13/07