Avenbury Lakes Homeowners Association, Inc.

Estate/Moving Sale Agreement

Homeowner Name: ________________________________________________

Address: ___________________________________ Phone: ______________

Executor/Power of Attorney: 

___________________________________________ Phone: ______________

Date conducting Estate/Moving Sale: ___________________________________

Vendor conducting sale: ________________________ Phone: ______________

Please review the following rules and conditions for conducting a sale:

     1.  All Estate/Moving sales require the account to be in good standing AND the Board’s

     2.  An estate or moving sale will be allowed in the case where the home is to be sold.  

     3.  An estate or moving sale is not to be confused with a garage sale. Garage sales are

     4.  All items to be sold are required to stay in the home during the sale. No displays of
      items are permitted on the outside of the home.

     5.  The sale will be for one day only.

     6.  One sign may be placed in front of the home on the day of the sale.

     7.  The homeowner/homeowner’s estate, as sponsor of the sale, is responsible to furnish a
      traffic control person outside during the hours of the sale.

     8.  The homeowner/homeowner’s estate will be responsible for any damage to the
     common area.  

I have read the rules and conditions, received a copy and agree to obtain pre-approval and have account in good standing and abide by the Estate/Moving Sale rules.

Signature: ______________________________________ Date: ____________