Breeze & Website Mission Statement & Guidelines

Mission Statement: 

The Breeze, a community publication, and the Avenbury Lakes Website are specifically oriented toward Avenbury Lakes Community news targeted to keep Avenbury Lakes Residents informed and entertained.

The objective of the ALHOA monthly Breeze and Website is to facilitate communication about events and activities here at Avenbury Lakes. In order to keep costs down the Breeze and/or Website is not intended to inform our residents about events and activities outside of Avenbury Lakes. The Board of Directors has the final authorization on all content. Local and regional newspapers adequately cover the events and activities beyond Avenbury Lakes.

Content Guidelines: 

Content Information must be regarding events and activities here at Avenbury Lakes and not to be used to duplicate: 1) general news outside of the Avenbury Lakes Community that is published in outside media, and 2) not to promote outside charities, political and/or commercial interests. Any information that is not germane to Avenbury, as determined by the Board of Directors, or is of a questionable nature must be submitted to the Board of Directors for approval, before publication in a monthly Breeze or Website posting. The material in question is to be forwarded through the Activity Coordinator to the Property Manager who has the responsibility of setting up the agenda for each Board Meeting.

Advertisement Fees: 

Ads or notices in the Breeze are utilized to offset “some” of the cost to produce the monthly publication and/or website contract. Under current operating conditions only current owners and registered residents may place a free business card size ad in the Breeze. A fee, determined by the Board of Directors, will be charged to any owner/resident who places an ad with the purpose of benefiting a second party.

Approved 7-17-2014 by the Board of Directors