Our Neighbor Helping Neighbor volunteers will provide assistance to Avenbury Lakes residents at no charge, except for the cost of any parts used in a repair.

TO CALL FOR HELP - Contact Joi Kime at the Avenbury Lakes Information Center at 937-9441 from 9 AM to 2 PM Monday thru Friday. Or simply print and fill out the Neighbor Helping Neighbor Request Form.

Listed here are some of the simple household repairs we can do as a good neighbor. All assistance will be at no cost for labor.

 Replace windows
 Repair or replace leaking faucets and sink stoppers
 Repair or replace leaking drains
 Replace garbage disposals
 Unclog stopped up sinks or toilets
 Replace toilet seals
 Clean out the bath room vents
 Replace smoke alarm batteries
 Replace smoke alarms
 Replace porch, ceiling lights or garage light bulbs
 Replace light fixtures or light switches
 Replace or install ceiling fans
 Repair inoperative doorbells
 Garage doors – program remotes or align sensors
 Install grab bars on drywall surface only (no shower surrounds)
 Help remove screens
 Help hanging a shelf
 Help hanging pictures
 Help rearranging furniture (nothing real heavy)
     Fix noisy ceiling fans
     Replace lower window lugs
     Light gas fireplace
     Install peep holes
     Replace door sweeps
     Replace door frame weather stripping
     Align sliding screen doors

Residents are to supply all replacement parts. All jobs should take an hour or less to complete.

Some of the things we will NOT DO are as follows:

 Nothing on the outside of the house, except replacing light bulbs and cleaning out bathroom vents
 Painting or repairing walls or ceilings
 Replacing a leaking hot water tank
 Running phone or electrical wiring to a new location
 Hanging wall cabinets

If the work requested is something we will not do, the resident has the option to call a professional to do the work.​