Help Wanted  

Our Neighbor Helping Neighbor volunteers are looking for men or woman with handyman talent, also helpers who want to learn to do simple repairs around the house. We want to help our neighbors who have little jobs around the house that they are not physically able to do. We do this at NO CHARGE, except for the cost of any parts used in the repair.

Everything we do is on the inside of the house, except for replacing porch ceiling light or garage light bulbs. The following is a partial list of things we repair.

Plunge a stopped up sink or toilet.
Unstop a garbage disposal.
Lamp or light switch replacement.
Replace smoke alarm batteries.
Help remove screen for window cleaning.
Help hanging pictures.
Hang a shelf where needed.
Hang a ceiling fan.
Trouble shoots the garage door openers and controls.

Typically, these things are easy for a lot of us, but impossible for others.

We do this as a community service at no charge; however we do give everyone a form if they would like to donate to our Community Fund that benefits everyone living here in Avenbury Lakes.

As a community service, this is a good opportunity to get to know our neighbors better.

If you have handyman skills, or would like to learn to do handyman tasks and would like to help a neighbor, please call either Andy Haiduck at 419-344-5026 or Don Knight at 440-937-5414 to let him know.