Operational Procedures for Organized Clubs or Groups

The following procedures have been in effect since the Board of Directors voted to adopt the operational guidelines for social/recreational activities and events. With the growth of this community and the increase of events being enjoyed by more people, it is an appropriate time to reiterate the stipulations currently in place to ensure the comfort and protection of all residents.

Historically, on September 1st, 2004 a new State Farm insurance policy was put in force. One of the provisions is a bond for those who handle money. We have a substantial bond for any employee handling money to cover loses by theft, fire, mishandling of the funds, etc. It further stated that all functions are open to all Avenbury Residents and in which the name Avenbury Lakes is used, must follow the stipulations of our insurance policy so that if there is an occurrence, either within the development or away on a trip or outing, the policy will be in effect up to the limits of coverage.

The Board of Directors further chose to establish guidelines for the Social and Recreation Committee and the organized clubs or groups providing planned activities for Avenbury Lakes residents. The following guidelines were adopted at the September 26, 2004 residents meeting.

1. All Organized clubs or groups must be approved by the Board of Directors.

2. All organized clubs or groups must have written statement of purpose/operation showing a need for such a club and must have a chairperson/president. This must be submitted to the Board of Directors as part of the approval process.

3. All members of established clubs/groups must be residents of Avenbury Lakes.

4. Organized clubs/groups may develop and have their own treasury and separate account. However #5 applies.

5. If an activity or event is sponsored by the club/group and is open to all residents and other invited guests, any money collected must be turned into the Activities Coordinator for deposit.

6. An Accountability Report must be turned into the Activity Coordinator within 10 days of the completed event by the chairperson.

7. Each event or activity must be approved by the Board of Directors.

8. All events and activities must be cleared through the Social and Recreation Committee and scheduled with the Activities Coordinator if using the Avenbury Lakes facilities.

9. Use of the Avenbury facilities, if formally approved, are exempt from fees as long as the event is for club members only or club members and other Avenbury Lakes Residents.

10. Notices and club mailings may be placed in a current club member’s newspaper holder (not in mailbox per Post Office ruling). All other notices and mailings to residents must have prior approval of the Activities Coordinator.

11. A roster of all organized club/group members and officers must be submitted to the Activities Coordinator before January 1st and July 1st of each year.

January 19, 2006