The following are for sale at Avenbury Lakes:

​​Click to see the typical floor plans (not all floor plans match the original constructed plan):

ADDRESS                                     FLOOR PLAN
2134 Charles Court                              Trillium (Basement)

2140 Charles Court                               Aster (Slab)

1950 Buckingham                                 Monarch (Slab)

1987 Buckingham                                 Trillium (Basement)

2024 Nottingham - On the Lake             Nivea (Slab)
Dan Barris @ 216-970-4552

2025 Nottingham Nivea (Basement)

2180 Southampton                                 Monarch (Slab)
Colleen Battle – Cell #216-272-9455

Manor Homes ---  American Star --- Nivea
Garden Homes --- Aster --- Trillium
Paired Villas --- Monarch ---  Red Admiral 

Thanks for visiting the Avenbury Lakes Website  - This page is for prospective buyers and realtors who are interested in our active adult community.  Below the picture of the Avenbury Lodge are some responses to frequently asked questions about our community.

1.  Which realtors cover Avenbury Lakes?  There are several, the following appear to be more active:

          Howard Hanna -

         Century 21 Deanna Realty - 440 731-8070

2.  What are the current Avenbury Lakes Maintenance Fees?  Do they include a Reserve Fund and how stable are the fees?  Yes, there is a Reserve Fund which is more comprehensive than other homeowner associations thereby make Avenbury homes more attractive to future buyers.  The last operating fee increase ($5/month) was in 2014, the increase was due to inflation relative to staff labor, outside contractors and utility costs. We do expect small increases in the Reserve Fund portion of our fees as required by law in order to avoid future assessments for capital maintenance and replacement.

3. Is there any leasing allowed at Avenbury?   It is required that Units be occupied by Owners and/or their immediate family. No Unit shall be rented by the Owner for any purpose, including without limitations, transient or hotel purposes.

4.  Do you allow open houses?  Yes, typically they are scheduled by realtors on Sundays from 1:00 PM until 4:00 PM, and with advance notice access to the Avenbury Lodge may be included. Other times are permitted provided all Rules & Regulations are observed.

5. When are you allowed to put up signs?  Signs are not permitted except for open houses. Open house signs are permitted only during the open house hours.

6. Are the attached homes deeded condominium?  No, Avenbury lakes is not a condominium, it is a homeowners association.

7. Can you sell to someone under 55?  Yes, up to 20% of our residents can be under 55 but over 18 years of age.

8. Are pets allowed?  Yes pets are allowed --- Vicious dogs, those causing injury or death to a person or another animal, are not allowed on the Property as well as breeds, which in the opinion of the Board, are considered potentially dangerous. Prohibited dogs are Doberman, Rottweiler, Presa Canario, any dog commonly known as a pit bull and any mixed breeds of the foregoing. Exotic” animals, as defined by the Board, and are not considered household pets and are prohibited. Examples of such, but not limited to, are snakes, other reptiles, exotic breeds or wild hybrids.

9.  Will any more homes be built?  No. Avenbury Lakes is completely built out and because of the desirability of our community few homes come on the resale market at any given time.

10.  What are the ages of the current Avenbury Residents.  Click to see.

If you have any additional questions and cannot find an answer else where on our website, please feel free to contact Your question and response will be posted above.

Click below to see some of the Avenbury sights:

Avenbury Wetlands

Avenbury Fall Color

City of Avon #3